Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Don't hate me 'cuz I'm beautiful

Do you remember that ad campaign?  I think it was for a cosmetics company, possibly L'Oreal, but not hair coloring.  I don't remember.  It was back in the day when Mommy wouldn't let us watch TV.

But the "catch-phrase" is rolling through my psyche lately, because it directs me to this blog, where I sometimes get the impression that my readers, not working in the film industry (for the most part), might be jealous of my life.  So I'll change it to "Don't hate me 'cuz I work in entertainment!"

Here's the thing: I would love to be working, ALL. The. Time.  But the film industry doesn't let anyone work All. The. Time.  Even all the A-list folks who seem to be working All. The. Time. aren't really - they get to take vacations and stuff!  And maybe they get to pick the projects they work on.

I am really working to WORK every day, but the only real project "on my plate," as it were, is a short film that I've got the privilege to participate in at the end of the month. I've been officially "attached" as Script Supervisor for the past couple of months or so, even though I got to read the first script before we were ever even planning to leave LA for North Carolina in the first place, 2 1/2 years ago!  This is a great project and is going to have a huge impact. The primary "issue" we've been facing in recent history is the financing to cover production and post-production costs.  There's been an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign running, that we can't quite put a finger on as to why it's not gained any momentum.

So today, we've been shooting a "promotional" video to boost the campaign.  We talked about "why I'm doing this," individually, and as a group.  That video should be "up" on the website sometime tomorrow, at which point, I'll update THIS post.  If you've ever wanted to be part of the film industry, you can help us!  Visit the Fragile Storm link; watch the video there; click on one of the campaign links to see if there are any perks you'd like to get (like "Producer" credits on IMDb or an autographed photo or screenplay or whatnot); contribute any monetary amount you feel you can afford; SHARE all the links in your own social media networking!

We need your help, kids.  I need your help.  I love the work that I do; I love the industry I am blessed to work in.  Don't hate me because I get to work in film; don't hate me because I get to love my work.  If you can help me with your involvement, then you can let others "hate" you! ;)

Let's make a movie, kids! This is a film that makes a difference.


  1. Pantene by the way. Maybe by the end of the week I'll be able to watch the Fragile Storm clip, but I'm so busy at work that by Friday I should be able to take a 5 hour lunch due to all of the unpaid overtime I'm not authorized to work. ;-)

    1. Pantene, huh? I just didn't think it could be hair (altho I probably KNEW that it must be).

      Lucky YOU, with all the unauthorized overtimes and such! I expect the video should be up and making a big difference by Friday, so that'll be good.

      Thank you for your support, big sis! Love ya!


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