Saturday, September 13, 2014

blog (and other) stats update, ICYC - UPDATED (I know, how many times can an update be updated?)

22% of this week's "hits" have come from 2/3 of the countries that have hit, if that makes sense.  On a weekly basis, the US will always show the greatest number of hits, and will therefore always appear the darkest green on my map...

But Canada and Australia are big chunks of land on my map, so as long as they are at least a little green (meaning, as long as at least TWO folks have looked at my page in the last week), we'll be able to see that on the map.

But there are a bunch of geographically-small European countries that show "hits" where the shades of green are somewhat indiscernible.  This week, two-thirds of the ranked countries exist in that small splotch of green.  Thank you, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Germany, and Poland, for continuing to read me, and for returning "in force," as it were, when you leave for a bit and then find me again.
this WEEK's map, with counters.

the last 24 hours, for comparison.

Thank you, EVERYONE who reads me.  I hope you find this particular topic at least a little interesting.  I'd hate to think I'm boring you with my blog stats!  Do let me know in the comments here, if there's ever anything I've posted that you're sick of hearing about, or if maybe you'd like my "take" on something I've mentioned in passing but not "covered."

This Just In:  I received an email that a PA gig I'd submitted my resume for had gone to someone else.  I'm okay with that, and I appreciate the emails.  But I went to the website to see what I still had out there, and I saw THIS (the first gig, status on the right), which I'd never seen before, and now I'm at least a teensy bit more excited than I was, say, ten minutes ago:


  1. I sure wish my "thumbs up" icon could show up here like it does on Facebook. Oh, well. Consider this -> (y) my "thumbs up" on this post. Yay you! That will be great for you to get that scripty job.

    1. (y) is right. I already HAVE a Scripty gig at the end of the month (in fact, it's already on my IMDb) but I need to just book more and more and more.

      This morning, I'll be back in the audience for a new game show with Craig Ferguson as the host. Worked it once and keep submitting for it, 'cuz it's FUN (and not at all like "work")!

    2. We adore Craig Ferguson. I'm so happy you're working with him. I'm definitely gonna tell Brian. Name? Time? Station?

    3. It's called "Celebrity Name Game"; it premieres on the 22nd in the 7-8 p.m. Eastern/Pacific timeslot; it'll be on M-F. Great, FUN, funny show. If y'all were to visit while it's taping (like if it gets renewed or whatever), we'll see about getting you on in the audience. Same studio lot as "Let's Make a Deal"

  2. Replies
    1. Don't watch it looking for me, though. It's not like background work. I'm off camera, in the audience, making noise only.


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