Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's been a full week, heading into a full weekend

I've been busy with the crowdfunding campaign for the short film we're shooting this weekend, starring Lance Henriksen, Jody Jaress, and Mackenzie Mason.  The campaign link can be accessed HERE.  I'm looking forward to the shoot, because it means I get to focus on PEOPLE and ACTIONS, rather than pages on a computer screen.

No doubt, you've missed seeing me here.  And in the real world, if you get to see me in the real world.  And on Facebook, if you know me there.  I'm sure you've missed me, because even Facebook missed me!  They sent me a link with all the notifications (somehow, only 17?) of stuff that's been happening.  I caught myself up on the notifications, but haven't been able to spend any of my own real time there.  'Sokay - I'll catch up on Monday, after I've caught up on my sleep.  Unless, Monday is when I start "phase Two" of the crowdfunding campaign!  Erp!

Please don't think I've forgotten about you.  Please visit the campaign if you're so inclined.  Donate some money, if you feel like it.  SHARE in your own social media world the campaign link.  This is an important film, and we'd like to make it well.  We'd like to get it finished in time for festivals and whatnot, and maybe somehow get it distributed to a screen near YOU.  We are already proud of it; if you decide to help us in any way (donating or sharing the link), then you can be proud of it, too.

Thank you for missing me - see ya next week!

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