Monday, September 8, 2014

Happy where I am. No spam.

I was informed in my G-mail account that "Anonymous has commented on Welcome, Ireland!"  I read the comment in my email before coming here, and LO-AND-BEHOLD, not only was the comment a really long spam "comment" but it NEVER made it to my blog!  Thank you, Blogspot, for recognizing what is spam and keeping it off the blog!

So now you know, Dear Readers.  I have been testing the spam precautions here at Ideas I'm Kickin' Around, and I have turned OFF the "Captcha Code" that proves you're not a robot, and I have NEVER TURNED ON the "moderate all comments" feature, so you may comment to your heart's content without fear that I will block you.  The other good news here is that, if you're even thinking that you might like to start blogging someday, but you don't really know where to start, and spam is an issue you're afraid you'll have to combat, I suggest you start here, at

As for me, I'm not a writer, and I haven't been here a year yet, to consider myself a "blogger."  I don't know how long I'll be blogging here, or what will be the impetus for me to cease-and-desist from this particular spot.  I have faith that work in the industry that I love will put larger gaps between posts.  I don't expect to run out of ideas to kick around, nor do I expect that THIS will be my ultimate income-producing machine and will eventually force me to relocate!  HA (on either count)!

For now, I'm happy to have the readership that I have.  I hope you're enjoying this particular ride as much as I am.


  1. I saw that spam comment yesterday and wondered why it didn't show up anywhere else. Good going. I'm glad your blog machine stops the spam from commenting. That's pretty neat.

    1. wait... YOU got notification that I got a spam comment? How does THAT work?

      Does that mean you somehow get notifications on EVERY comment, like Ruth's here (v)? Why? Are you not only my "biggest fan" but you somehow have your little indicator set so you can STALK me? ;) Love ya... if your answer will only encourage other stalkers, then please "post" it only privately (you know how to reach me). Not that I'm skeered or nothin!

  2. Replies
    1. and I love my readers, Ruth! Thanks for being one!

  3. When I was blogging I wanted to know when someone commented, so, I had my reader notify me when anyone commented on it. Not all blogs have a "comment" feature. does. If I didn't have it set for "comments" too, I wouldn't know you had responded to me unless I checked all day - and, yes, I see whenever Ruth, or Holly or whoever comments. I like reading how people react to your blog. :-)

    1. Gotcha. I like to know when my comments have been responded to, as well, but I only noticed it when I started blogging. Most don't notify you, or if you "check" the box that says to, you get notified when EVERYONE comments, and not just in response to YOUR comment. So I mostly don't check that box.

      My "fanbase" is still comparatively small, so I can see myself in YOUR shoes of wanting to read other reactions. :)


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