Friday, January 17, 2014

Even as we work towards moving, life continues to happen.

I got to go to work yesterday.  It was only for a day, and it'll cut into this week's UI benefit, but on the plus side, it was only for a day, and it'll provide income against this week's UI benefit!  Not only that, but I had a reason to get out of bed, shower, and leave the house.  Bonus points!

Today, we shipped out two more books from Stephen's Amazon store, "Nixon's Stuff".  On his last day off, we had taken a bunch of paperbacks to a local used-book dealer, but they only offered us store credit.  Having sold three items in less than a week from a brand-new online presence is very much a boost to our egos and morale, as well as the coffers.  We're not trying to sell stuff so we get rich; we are slowly but surely downsizing.  On the other hand, we're not quite ready to be "raped" in our efforts to downsize, so it's not likely that we'll return to that particular bookstore, since they weren't even NICE were actually downright rude about only offering store credit!

I've got some friends who are planning to drop in sometime next week to look at some of our furniture.  Stephen's got a coworker who may want our COUCHES.  I'm pretty psyched about the possibility that we will have to alter our personal space this early in the game.  We're both still USING the items that may get sold here.

We have five months left to make it all happen.  In the meantime, there's still work/jobs/gigs to attend to, cats to feed, and items to sell.  If you happen to visit our online "store" looking for something in particular and you don't find it, inquire here!  The "shelves" are not yet as stocked as they'll ever be - we've only just begun this process!

Life is good.

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