Friday, January 10, 2014

"things" are afoot

Yes, I have submitted myself (and been submitted by my agent) for a LOT of gigs this week, so there's that.

And I've created a spreadsheet (a work-in-progress, I'm sure) listing the pros and cons of the various methods we've so far investigated into getting ourselves and our stuff back home, when we're ready to do that.  There is a clear winner, at this point, but I have to be intentionally vague here because there are certain steps to follow to make any of these paths a reality, and I don't want to put the cart before the egg... um, chicken before the horse... 2 + 2 = 1... or something.  There may be even more potential methods that we haven't somehow thought of, so we're keeping our energies focused on the "what" (getting home) more than the "how".

We're still looking into and trying various methods of selling our personal property.  So far, no good hits, but it's been less than a week, and it's still pretty close  to the holidays that've just passed.  And while we're out of that truly icky cold snap, we're into some yucky wet now.  This only makes us long for home even more.

So here's what YOU can do to help:  keep sending your own positivity vibes our way, and if you get an inspiration of a "how" (shortcuts in downsizing, places to sell stuff, leads on work or housing or ANYTHING), be sure to forward that info to me here or personally, through your other "contact me" channels.  Hmm... I wonder how to add a "contact me" link to this page, or if it's even necessary.

That's something for a later date, I guess.  Have a great day, and if I don't see you, be sure to spread that into a great weekend!

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