Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Waiting, and my parallel life

It's cold today.  Damn cold.  Stephen drove in to work and then called to tell me he was having difficulty parking, because the lot was already snowed-in.  Then later he sent me a text asking me to text when it starts snowing "moderately" here.  It's amazing that being 25 (or so) miles south affords significantly different weather.  Not snowing here... not likely to, or at least not "moderately" before he gets home from his short-ish day.

Yesterday, when he got home, we went through the comic collection and bagged-and-boarded a big chunk of it.  We still have a bigger chunk that needs attention, but that requires another trip to a comics store for supplies.  He also did some research into the value of most titles we handled, and it's good news (if we can actually sell them).

Today the payment for the four titles he'd sold earlier this month arrived (yay!).  And two of our five w-2's have arrived (um, yay?).  But I'm still waiting for my last UI benefit, and the paycheck for the work I did that caused me to have to file UI on paper instead of electronically, and for one check I've written to clear, and the resulting benefit of that written check to arrive in the mailbox.  It feels like a lot of things floating around in the ether of electronic and by-mail transactions.

I hate waiting.  (I know, I know, "Get used to disappointment.")  But mostly I hate the cold.  If I were already home, I would only have to hate waiting.  But I probably wouldn't even BE waiting, because I know that once I get home, I'll finally be reconnected to my network of work, and when you're working, you're not waiting.

... unless you work in the entertainment industry ("Showbiz"), like I do, and then it's all "hurry up and wait."  But in a good way!  UGH.  I had thought I was inspired to blog again today.  THIS is not feeling "inspired" - at least, not to me.  I'm back to living my parallel life.  Today's a very parallel life day.  That's what it is.

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