Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Someone in Germany still loves me

But apparently, no one in Malaysia cares anymore.

Before I post a new blog post, I look at my stats for the week and for the day, and I get to see "who" is reading me.  I get to see which of my posts are "moving" and which aren't (pretty much, the most recent posts get the most traffic, and the older ones sort of "age out" - this is likely a very typical blogging result).

When I first started this blog, I had A LOT of traffic in Malaysia.  Sometimes more than in the US (well, in any given moment, not necessarily sustained through any particular week).  I've had hits in the Netherlands (I think I know who that reader is) and Thailand, Serbia, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France, and Mexico (no idea about those readers).  Most of my hits are US (expected) and UK (also expected, as that is where my niece currently resides).

I hadn't considered myself a blogger or a writer or anyone who could be mistaken for either of those things before I started here.  I'm not sure yet if my personal POV has changed on that front yet.  But I'll keep posting, because I think of stuff to say.  Today's probably not terribly clever or interesting if you're not "into" blog stats, but I'm finding it curious that I still have a reader in Germany but have lost the entire country of Malaysia.

I wonder if saying "Malaysia" so many times in this post will bring back that audience. ;)

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