Monday, January 13, 2014


The other day, I made a FOUR-HOUR round-trip drive JUST to go sing karaoke at a house party.  Am I insane, or has living on the wrong coast just enhanced my need for creative outlets, damn the cost?

On the other hand, after a mere week of "trying his hand" at selling stuff on Amazon, today Stephen SOLD SOMETHING!  It was a comic book, Wonder Woman #1, and we got it shipped out to the buyer before the post office closed.  TODAY.  We're makin' progress!

California, here we come. ... well, ya know, once we've sold the remaining 600 comics, 60 hardback books, and 150 paperbacks.  And the furniture.  And figured out EXACTLY what mode of transport to take to get there.  And put in for a job transfer.  Ya know.  All that stuff that looks like progress!

Today's a good day.  Hope it's been successful for you, too. 

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