Friday, January 3, 2014

I WILL be productive today!

I watched my downstairs neighbor leave this morning, ~ quarter to eleven, so by eleven I set up my drums to play Rock Band.  I was playing short setlists, not trying to "accomplish" anything but practice, and he came home from wherever he'd been.  Shortly after his return, I heard some banging, this time coming from my bedroom rather than the kitchen.  I was honestly NOT playing that loudly, and it was the MIDDLE of the day, so I just continued playing (when you're in the middle of setlists, it's not really something you want to stop before the end).  The banging ceased, so I continued playing.  Out of nowhere, for no apparent reason, the song I was playing STOPPED - like there was a power surge - and the game disconnected.  But it still sounded like the heat was running, and the microwave didn't beep or lose its time, and the PS3 reset itself back to one.  So since I had already lost my progress on the setlist, I went into true "practice" mode to try to learn ONE song at the expert level (because that will accomplish a drummer's Goal in the game).  I can still only play that song at about 97% proficiency, and when I'd been playing for over an hour, I called it a day.  At that point, I was sweaty, anyway.  That's usually when I know I've played enough.  Funny that drumming makes me sweat.

So now there's really nothing left for me to do - I've checked all my online crap.  I've checked the snail mail - nothing there but COLD air.  I've emptied and reloaded the dishwasher and started it back up.  I guess now I'll shred some of that stuff we separated out in our downsizing the other day.  And blog.  And... ?

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