Monday, January 27, 2014


I'm unemployed, and I live on the wrong coast.  I think I've told y'all that, maybe.  Being unemployed is probably not too dissimilar from being retired, in that you tend to lose PURPOSE.  Today, at least, I have purpose.

Yesterday evening, Stephen noticed that his store on Amazon had another sale.  I noticed today, when I printed out the shipping label, that this particular customer was a repeat buyer.  This makes me very proud and happy for us, and more so for Stephen, because it means he's managing his store well, and for me, because it gives me something to DO in a day - a PURPOSE - when my reason for getting out of bed is to visit the post office to ship something.

So before I went to the PO, I checked our mail here at the complex.  The mailman was there, and we chatted about us getting home to Los Angeles.  Another resident walked up, and they chatted about her moving in with her son and how to handle mail delivery.  Somewhere in the chatting, I mentioned the online store, and BOTH of them asked if I'd talked to David yet, because he buys A LOT of comics online.  I don't really know the folks in this complex, beyond my immediate neighbors, so of course, I had to say that I had not yet talked to David.

Then David walked up.  Both of the people already at the mailboxes introduced us, and we chatted about online stores and comic collecting, and we essentially made a "drop-in" appointment for David to buy out Stephen's comic inventory.  Well, the appointment is for him to SEE the inventory; I embellished that last bit.

Now I have to visit an actual brick-and-mortar comic store, so that in the next two days, Stephen and I can make the collection as appealing as humanly possible (bags-n-boards, for anyone who has a little knowledge of comic collecting).  Which means the rest of my day today, as well as tomorrow and even Wednesday, have




  1. Boom! Now all is as it should be. Well done, you. Well done. I am very excited about this kismet-y development.


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