Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm recovering, thank you

Last Wednesday night, I was abducted by aliens, who installed a tracking microchip under my lower right 6-year molar.  I know this because Thursday, I had pain in my right lower jaw whenever I tried to chew anything.  And then Friday, I pretty much hurt all day.  Then Daddy sent me this link, and between the applied heat and the "exercises" and ibuprofen in increased dosages, I've managed to make it bearable.  I know that it's NOT the microchip that's hurting me; it's got to be just post-oral surgery recovery pain.  I'm cool with that.  Just wanted to keep you all in the loop, especially if you find yourselves experiencing this, so you'll know WHY you hurt.


Or, well, it could be that Wednesday was the day that I decided to (wrongfully) "own" all of the things that aren't going right towards moving (I don't tend to "do" guilt), and it's just stress-induced TMJ. ;)

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