Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Hairy-Tale for your Tuesday Night

I have been incredibly lazy these days, what with my not-wanting-to-shave-my-legs-or-pits-in-for-freakin'-EVER. So here are some pics for you. Do you ever get so lazy with an aspect of hygiene that really has NOTHING whatsoever to do with hygiene that you just wait for some other symptom (like itchy skin) to trigger an hygienic event?

still the left leg - trying to let you REALLY see how lazy I've been!

left leg, just barely begun

left leg finished, right leg waiting -
looks like that right leg
 is more tan, right? NOPE.
gimme a leg with hair; long, beautiful hair...
shining, gleaming, streaming flaxen-waxen


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