Thursday, July 23, 2015

Welcome (Back), Eastern Hemisphere!

Yes, some of you are missing in this pic, but overall, I think this is an awesome pic:
this week, updated to include Vietnam, which just visited for the first time just now (before the update)

... in other "news", I've been having a really excellent week, personally. I was scheduled for 5 eight-hour shifts, which included two consecutive days off, meaning a "weekend", albeit in the middle of the week. Then I got a phone call on that first day off, asking if I wanted to pick up a shift that day. Hells, yeah, I wanna pick up a shift! What time? Oh, plenty of time for me to finish the laundry I've already started AND tread some water in the pool AND get to work on time? Excellent! You got it!

Then yesterday was my "day off", which I spent doing some bookkeeping, having a nice lunch with Stephanie, cutting Stephanie's hair, and then grocery shopping with Stephanie, while Stephen worked the "late" shift. On his walk home, we talked on the phone, so I wouldn't have to get to bed too late, and he gave me some news about a decision he'd made, which made me quite happy to hear. I won't divulge here, just in case he wants it to be "our secret" for awhile. No, he has not decided to become a father, so don't start squealing over babies. I'm too old for that shit. I love all the babies my family have provided; I needn't provide more.

Today, I went in to my meeting and frightened everyone there with my overly cheerful disposition that came without aid of caffeine. I had a tour; I had lunch; I had another tour. Talked to Hattie about dancing; talked to Brenton about Mommy. The schedule for next week came out, and on it, I discovered that I have one long day, one short day, and one day off. Cha-Ching! I love that I get to work overtime doing a job that I so enjoy. My life is so awesome. So I had another tour, and I worked a little in the theater in between all those gigs, and I stopped at Trader Joe's on my way home, because I hadn't quite spent enough time in the grocery stores yesterday with Stephanie.

I got home to discover that the furbabies had missed me all day:
I make the bed every morning before I leave.
This is what it looked like when I left today.

This is what it looked like when I got home.
So I ate the rice pudding I'd bought this evening, and it's very likely that I won't eat anything else tonight. Sometimes, rice pudding is what's for dinner, ya know? I've had a good week; don't judge me! ;)


  1. Do you have any idea how MUCH that post made me laugh tonight?????? This was the perfect blog for me to read (hubs is out of town on business even though we from vacay) Good stuff. Keep going. Know what I mean? ;-)

    1. I'm glad, because I haven't necessarily been feeling "funny" of late. So, no, not sure if I DO "know what you mean", but I do intend to keep posting as I am inclined, if you know what I mean. ;)

      Had a bit of a rough day today, so I'm glad this one was just the post you needed to read. Going to bed RIGHT NOW so I can get up early to get in the cold pool before I'm due in at the grindstone tomorrow morning. (Know what I mean?)


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