Friday, July 10, 2015

Happy Friday!

I have today off. I live and work in the civilized Western world, and having requested to always be working on weekends, today is the day I was awarded as my "day of rest" this week. Yes, I only get one this week, and I only get one next week, because I also added my name to the "do you want to work overtime? add your name" list LAST week. Overtime. Yeah, baby.

So I did my laundry, as one is wont to do when one has sufficient free time to do so. I also checked the pool, and I think the water will be warm enough to get into when we get back from seeing Inside Out at the first matinee. Yes, Minions also opens today, but I really don't need to support that one on its opening day, surrounded by Very. Small. Children. So we'll see that one later.

But the laundry got me thinkin'. Maybe you can answer this question, or maybe you have a similar laundry puzzlement, like regarding missing socks or something. Here's the thing. If towels are used only to dry clean dishes or clean hands or clean bodies, then Why do we ever have to WASH them? Aren't they already (still) "clean"?


  1. The great mystery of mankind, I'm afraid.

    1. I think it's possible that "MANkind" is the answer to the mystery, I'm afraid. If the dishes or the hands or the bodies are not quite clean when drying them, then the towels shan't stay clean, either. Gotta get the first part of the equation CLEAN to keep the second part that way.

      ... or, we could just live our lives and not sweat the petty stuff. :)


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