Monday, July 6, 2015

I think Mommy came to visit me this morning

Mommy was originally one of nine children, and before she died, she'd lost her three older brothers. After she died, we slowly but surely lost all the rest, save Uncle Eddie (if he's even still with us - he was the baby of the family but also always the "Wild Child", and we ended up not knowing his whereabouts).

This morning, in my dream, I answered the phone inadvertently, while trying to call back someone I'd just accidentally hung up with. I was talking on an old office phone, the kind that had up to five lines below the keypad. It was a moment of just choosing another open line, and when I did, Aunt Gloria asked how I was doing.

This put me a little on edge. Even in my dream, I knew that Aunt Gloria was no longer with us, so how could she be having a phone conversation with me? It wasn't a scary conversation, full of portents and omens. It was a pleasant conversation, just catching up. But I was nervous, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

And suddenly, I was in a room surrounded by quite a number of small, contained fires, and the woman who was in the room with me was scolding her son, who I couldn't see. One by one, the fires were extinguished (like magic), and as the room got brighter and brighter, the son was also in the room with us. I don't know who the woman or her son were, but in the dream, I recognized that I knew them both, and knew that neither of them was alive. I wasn't frightened to be in a fiery room with two ghosts; I had more of a sense of "what's next?"

Then my alarm went off, and I got up to go swim. I know that the dead do not communicate with the living over the phone or in a magic fire room, but I have a feeling that my dream was someone from the other side trying to get a message through. Maybe it was Mommy; maybe it was someone else entirely; maybe the message isn't even for me?

If any of this means anything to you, or you have any experience with dream interpretation, won't you please comment below? If it doesn't mean anything to you and you have no experience with dream interpretation, and you just feel like calling me a weirdo or something, won't you please comment below? I love reading your comments!

Happy Monday, kids!


  1. dream dictionary is one of the best symbology sites I've found. Search for your symbols & see what tickles - there are entries for fire, telephone, swimming and others. Good luck! The most interesting messages come from our own subconsciousness.

    1. "dead aunt on phone" "dead relative" "fiery room" all yielded zip. "telephone" (conversation with someone you know) means I have an unresolved issue with that person... um, no.

      so still left wondering.

      thanks for TRYING to help, tho!

  2. I always have lengthy dreams like these. I like this idea of the phone call though and having a catch up. I had a dream about my Nana once, in which she kept telling me 'I'm fine'. I like to think it is little pieces of a jigsaw coming together in our head and making peace with the past.

    1. The thing is, I am pretty much at peace with the past. I miss my Mommy, but she's definitely in her "better place", and I don't begrudge her that. My last earthly phone call from her phone was Aunt Gloria, so that connection is probably why I think it was Mommy visiting me. But really, what do I know? It could all be hocum.

      And now I need to catch up on YOUR week, Holly! ;)


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