Thursday, July 9, 2015

Kill My Landlord

I told you, just a couple of weeks ago, that my apartment swimming pool was suddenly heated. The day I discovered it, we'd been having some SERIOUSLY warm and sunny weather, and while we didn't necessarily need a heated pool in the middle of summer, we definitely appreciated it, with the thought that we'd be in it through the winter.

I didn't get in the pool yesterday, because I had to be at work pretty early, and then Stephen and I went to an event at Warner Bros. that was a preview of things to come. That was fun, but it was us away from home all day and into the night. The day before yesterday, I didn't get into the pool at all, because early workday and then laziness.

Today, I go in to work in a little while, so I got up at my regular 6:30 with the intention of getting back into my habit of treading water for an hour. Went downstairs and dipped my toes in, to discover, much to my chagrin, that the heat was no longer on. Checked the jets to verify, and came back upstairs, uncertain what I'd do next. (Puttered around on the internets, FYI)

Around 8:00, I thought "it's now or never", so I went back down and dove in to swim the length of the pool. Upon coming up for air, all I could say was "FUCK. This shit is COLD." So I treaded water back to the deep end and stayed there long enough to decide I can't deal with it today.
The view from my front door today - we call it "June Gloom"
Came back upstairs and stood in my nice hot shower 3-4 times as long as I was in the pool this morning, and that's without dilly-dallying or lollygagging or anything! Poop.

I really wanted to link a youtube clip of the Eddie Murphy Saturday Night Live bit - "Images: Cill My Landlord" but the only clips that came up when I searched were shot using cell phones, vertically, of television screens. AWFUL! This is the best I can offer.


  1. June gloom does look gloomy! I appreciate a heated pool, even in summer :)

    1. As do I, Holly. As do I.

      The sun did eventually come out, but not enough to warm the pool for an evening dip or tomorrow morning.


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