Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Two outta three ain't bad

Yeah, yeah, I know - I'd like to thank Meatloaf for the title of today's post. Truth is, I had three tours scheduled today, and I only got to give two outta three of 'em, so that ain't bad. ;) (If there just aren't enough "tourists" to take all the tours that get scheduled, then some guides are going to have to do something else in those timeslots; that's what happened during my first scheduled tour.) I spent the first two hours of my day helping the "theater" department, which is just sorting the folks who do show up for tours into their appropriate groups. Not bad, and I was able to get myself a good group (almost "hand-picked", if you will) for the next two hour timeslot. Yay, me!

In the first of my two tours, I had all 'Muricans. One family from Ohio (and here), and one family from Pittsburgh (and here). But on my FINAL tour of the day, I had a great, mixed bag. I had a German couple, a family from Australia, a family from Chicago, and couple from Slovenia.

No kidding, folks. I have just recently welcomed my first readers from Slovenia, and today, I got to drive a couple of Slovenik kids around, showin' 'em the sights of Warner Bros. Yay, me!

... and we have a new "attraction" that we are adding to our tours, starting officially on the 16th (next week), but for which we're doing "soft openings" this week. My first tour, with the two 'Murican families, won the daily lottery that is "gets to test out the soft opening attraction" tour. Yay, me!

Good googly moogly, am I blessed.

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