Friday, July 31, 2015

Celebrity Spottings

Today on the tours, the following celebrities were spotted by various guides and guests:

  • possibly other members of the Fuller House cast, near the stage where Fuller House shoots
It has begun, kids. The summer hiatus appears to have abated, and with it, heavier traffic patterns and lack of parking availabilities, as well as the appearance of more people who are more famous than I am. I'm not yet sure how I feel about that. (Yeah, right. It makes me warm and gooey inside to let my guests get to interact with someone they admire, or even just notice that person from a distance). Let the games begin!

* spotted by me or by my tour guests
** introduced to my tour by the guide that was driving him around the lot. What a sweet, beautiful man. I told him that my husband now had someone to be jealous of (and then I relayed that to Stephen, too, because I know he "gets it" when I flirt with someone who is way beyond me {due to fame and/or age} - I'm not looking to "hook up" with Robert Conrad, but I'm sure it makes him feel better about possibly aging out of the industry. "We're gonna need a bigger boat" Roy Scheider was the same "sweet and beautiful" when I worked with him all those years ago. It doesn't hurt me one iota to let these men know that there are still people out there who remember them in their prime, and appreciate when they stay active past their heyday.)

So ennyhoo. I am blessed! (And I love working in this industry). Oh, and I got to carpool today, and I get to carpool with someone else tomorrow! Woot!


  1. So so so jealous of the Clint Eastwood spot! I love him so much :)

    1. I did not see him, nor did anyone in MY tours. He was spotted in an area of the lot that we're not supposed to ever go, so I'm not sure exactly how the guide who saw him did so. ;)

      Robert Conrad was a real sweetie, tho!


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