Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Welcome to the White House

At some point last night or this morning, I was doing a tour. "That was the Oval Office, folks, and here on the left: my bedroom." I have gotten so acclimated to my job at Warner Bros. that I now feel comfortable giving tours anywhere, and apparently, will do so, particularly in my sleep. However, there was something about that tour that startled me, and I woke up right as my group reached the bedroom, so I only remember seeing the two spaces on the tour. I must have been startled enough to say something out loud, because I also woke up Stephen, and we had a conversation, although I don't remember exactly what we talked about. {sleep/dream state}

I was going to get up and blog right then, but I blogged myself back to sleep, rather than actually opening my eyes or removing myself from the comfy-ness of the bed. When I returned to slumber, I was suddenly Sarah Connor, fighting Terminators while also guiding tours around a grungy town. I recovered from that strangeness and experienced some more dreams, possibly tour-related, and awoke with Cocoa seeking belly rubs, and my alarm going off in the living room, where my phone had been charging overnight. {sleep/dream state}

After returning to bed with my fully-charged phone, I composed a letter to the landlord in both English and Spanish, and I got all of the neighbors to sign it, asking him to regulate the heat in the pool by setting a specific temperature and using the timers that I know all pool heaters have. {sleep/dream state}

Then, in NOT {sleep/dream state}, someone else's alarm went off forever. The alarm was ringing through our open windows from an adjacent building, and that tenant either got up very early and left before it rang, or he/she is out of town, or he/she is dead. So I came out here to eat and blog, and then Stephen popped his head out the door to ask if the power was out in the entire building or just the back bedroom. He noticed because the fan in the bedroom had stopped running, and he probably also looked at the clock that's plugged in across the room. I didn't realize until he asked, because I'm not using any power. and I hadn't noticed that the alarm had ceased. Apparently, the power is out in this section of the block, at least. ... I also didn't realize that I am using power, at least to connect to the internet, and I would have discovered that when I tried to post, except that the power is back on. Thankfully, that other tenant's alarm is not.

It's been a busy night/morning!

Do you ever have dreams where you're still performing your job, but differently than in real life? Is the dream job better or worse or just weirder than your real life?


  1. The dream job is always worse...and weirder..😉

    1. Yup. Had another touring dream last night, where I spotted Catherine Zeta Jones (who actually looked like Sigourney Weaver) and Susan Sarandon, on a safari tour cart that ran into a pack of lions, who could speak English and walked on two legs and wore clothes. Very weird dream.

      I think the idiot dentist who shot Cecil the lion must somehow have triggered that one. :-/


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