Thursday, August 13, 2015

100º Days

Yep, that's right, kids, you read that correctly.

This week looks like several triple-digit days, followed by another week of high 90's.

I was up and out to work too early today to hit the pool this morning, and I'll be up and out too early to hit it tomorrow morning, so this was me at 8 this evening (or so):
the view from the pool at night

me, IN the pool at night

when I first got in, the water did not feel "warm" (altho it also did not feel "cold")... once I got out long enough to bring the phone/camera closer, the air actually felt cooler than the 98º my GPS was telling me it was, so that the pool felt nice and toasty. Do ya wish you were me, having to swim at 8 p.m. just to cool off?



  1. How lovely! It is 8pm right now, I have been baking, the house is a furnace, we have ridiculously high-in-the-40s-temperatures and I would love to have a swim!

    1. What does 40's ºC equate to in ºF? It's been forever since I had to do the math. And if it's HOT, then why-oh-why would you BAKE? ;)

      I had a bunch of kids on my first tour today who mentioned that they'd be going for a swim when they got back to their hotels today; I mentioned I'd probably do the same when I got home, and Honest to God, the little boy (8 years old, maybe?) asked me "what time do you get off work, emelle?"... as if he were HITTING on me. It was pretty funny, and everyone on the cart laughed, because I think he was just inviting himself and his sister over to MY pool.

    2. THAT just made me L-O-L. Thanks for that. :-)

    3. Oh, and 40s is God-awful hot, btw.

    4. You're welcome. HOW hot, though? ;)


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