Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Float, Float On...

I had a second day off today. I hate having a "weekend" and tried my best to book some work, but nothin' doin'. Hopefully, when I get my schedule for next week (tomorrow), it'll only have one day off, or if it manages to have two, they won't be consecutive.

My reason for hating a "weekend" is because I've had such long periods of "unemployment" that I want to always be working, and I have yet to feel that I deserve two days in a row where I'm not gainfully employed. Maybe that's somehow a Depression-Era mentality creeping into my psyche. Whatever. I like employment. I like productivity that leads to something.

Which is not to say that I don't know how to be lazy or unproductive. I do. That was my yesterday. Today, I needed to accomplish shit.

So besides putting away the clean dishes and reloading the dishwasher; putting away my "stack o' crap" that's been building under my computer (papers that just needed filing or disposal); putting away the clean laundry that I did last week...

I also made a crock pot of healthy eats for our dinner tonight (and at least one more meal, either at work or home)... and floated for about an hour on my back in the pool.

Yeah, kids, I went down there to work out. The water was just warm enough to encourage me to float. So I floated. YES, I had done a little swimming and treading, and then I conducted an experiment.

I wanted to discover what the pool's "currents" were like. So I started at the deep part of the shallow end, with my feet towards the shallow and my head towards the deep, and then I took a conscious "nap" (I did not allow myself to fall asleep, but I relaxed as fully as I could while still awake). I "awoke" from my nap when my armpit snagged the rail to the steps at the shallow end (facing 180º from where I'd started).

Got myself turned around and did a gentle "backstroke" type of move to get my head to the deep end wall. Didn't want to disturb the water too much, you see. When the water had rested, I released my hold on the wall and floated over to the stairs (deep end), and then back up to the surface-level filtration. I knew I was going there, because I could hear it cycling, just below the surface. Pushed off from that wall and ended up turning 180º again, "landing" at the line between shallow and deep "ends", and spinning 180º a few times before my body made it over to the shallow end wall, opposite the steps, where the jet was pushing out definitely-not-hot water, and I was sent, once again, to the steps.

After my hour-long experiment (or so), my feet gently landed on the second step, and there was no more "floating" away without considerable effort. My body had been a human pool lounge, and the "current" had taken me everywhere except for the deep-end jet. Got plenty of sun on my face, chest, and legs. and it was really, incredibly relaxing.

Way to spend a "day off", huh?

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