Saturday, August 8, 2015

Welcome BACK, Argentina!

I know, I know, it's been almost a whole week since I've posted. Sorry about that, kids.

It's been a good week, full of okay tours, good tours, visiting with friends over lunch, and really great tours. I've been scheduled for six-day weeks for so long that I've kind of forgotten what a five-day week feels like.

This upcoming week looks like a five-day week on the schedule as it stands, which means that I could potentially book some background work on my Monday-Tuesday "weekend", or I could get called in to work one of those days, or I could call myself in if I feel up to it. Or, I could have a "weekend" off. What a concept!

Anyway, thank you, folks in Argentina, for returning to me after your year or so "hiatus". I noticed you used Google's translate thingy to understand me, and that you decided to read one of my Mommy posts while you were here. I don't know how the translate thingy worked out for you (like does it understand "thingy"?), but I appreciate that it's available for you, and I appreciate that you wanted to read about my Mommy. Sorry it wasn't so much about Mommy, as it was a desperate cry for help with "vlogging". There are other "Mommy" posts out there, if you look for 'em. Thanks for trying.

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