Saturday, August 29, 2015

Last Day for a lotta my peeps at work :(

... So there were plenty of hugs and digit exchanges and thankfully, no tears! It did make for an interesting day of trying to give extraordinary tours, while simultaneously trying not to leave any of my friends feeling jealous or hurt that I'd been offered an extension, while also simultaneously being grateful for having been offered said extension! Actually, just a bit exhausting, but in all, a good kind of exhaustion. The friends who were leaving today had good plans for what they would do next, and there was quite a bit of last-minute networking happening, in all directions.

Yesterday evening, I was notified by my calling service that on my first day off of this coming week (Monday), I am booked for some background work (background acting gig). Yay! It's an early call time, and it's the greatest distance I will have had to travel in a long time for a bg gig, but I'm absolutely grateful for it. Got a call today that my call time has actually changed to earlier on Monday, from 7 a.m. to 6:30! Yowza! Still, any day on set is a good day, so I'm happy.

Also got a phone call in the middle of my day that my friends needed a backup babysitter so they wouldn't have to cancel their anniversary date plans. I don't have to be in too early tomorrow, so I said that if they'd bring their kid to me, I'd be happy to watch him. So when I got home from work, Brendan and I went down to the pool and spent a long time swimming and playing and visiting with every neighbor who walked by. "Who's that? Why is she pushing her stroller all alone? Is that guy coming swimming? Are those girls coming swimming? Who's that? Why is he doing that?" ad infinitum. I'd forgotten about the questioning phase of four-year-olds.

Then we came upstairs to eat hot dogs and tater tots, and we watched Wall-E. I had only seen this movie once before in my life, and I remembered liking it, but I also remembered not remembering every single event that happened. "Where's Wall-E? What did that say? Where's Wall-E? Why did he say that? Why is he scared? Is the rocket ship here? Where's the rocket ship? It's the rocket ship! Why is he scared? What is he doing? What did he say?" ad infinitum, from a kid who has seen this movie so many times in recent history that he knows exactly what's going to happen, and why, but he still has to ask the questions.

At least he's polite. "May I please have another strawberry? When this movie's over, can we play Minion Trouble? May I please have another strawberry? When we finish this game, can we watch a short movie? May I please have another strawberry? I have to go potty again - will you please come help me? When are the kitties going to come out? Look who's here! (one of the cats) When are Mommy and Daddy coming back?" ... and he swims like a fish. So impressed with his swimming skills. So pleased that Mommy and Daddy are teaching him manners. He's a joy, and when he started playing the games on his tablet, it gave me time to sit here to blog.

So Stephen got home from work, and opted to not play Minion Trouble with us, but had a chance to observe the two of us at play on the floor while he did whatever he needed to do online, and now he's lying on the floor in the open doorway just trying to cool off while preventing the cats from escaping. Oh, well. Cocoa made an attempt, and now the door is closed again.

It's been a good day here. How can it possibly get even better?

How's your day been? Why do you say that? What do you mean? When you've answered all of my questions, can we watch a short movie? Do you have any crackers? May I please have one? etc. ;)

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