Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Another link found via The Bloggess

I sometimes suffer from Depression. I never suffer from Anxiety or any of the other plethora of mental ailments that others suffer with. Jenny and Wil, two of my favorite bloggers (possibly two of my favorite PEOPLE) of all time, both suffer from/with a variety of the mental ailments, and they both frequently publicly post about their issues.

So Jenny recently posted this link, and I find it absolutely appropriate and true to how I feel about my Depression, when it hits.

If you suffer from any of these "fun" things, then I hope you realize that You. Are. Not. Alone.
If you don't suffer from any of this, then please realize that those of us who do aren't trying to piss you off with our suffering. Your compassion doesn't help us in the depth of our despair, but it does help us to see it, so that when we are on an upswing, we can be grateful for it. So please continue to view us with compassion; offer emotional support; don't be offended when we're unable to accept any help in the moment it's offered.

Thank you.


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