Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Welcome, Singapore!

I know, it's been a few days since I last posted. Again. I know.

Today was Daddy's birthday. So I called him this morning (as one does) to catch up, and I discovered it had been nearly a month since we last spoke by phone! That's just crazy! So we did get caught up, and I hope he had a most excellent birthday. I'm glad Uncle Terry is there to keep him company. They have fun together, those two. Like today, Uncle Terry took Daddy grocery shopping. Good times. ;)

I was supposed to be working tour support at the museum on our lot today. I wasn't supposed to have any tours. But I hadn't yet worked a full shift at the museum prior to today, and I was dreading it a bit, I suppose, because the shifts I have worked over there have been a lot of "just standing". I'm not sure how many consecutive hours my body will allow me to do that type of work. I don't have the best shoes, nor the best knees, nor the best lower back. We reach a point in our lives where some things are easier done than others. So I was dreading it, a bit.

... But then I got there, and mentioned my "dread" aloud near a bunch of guides getting ready to go out, and one of those guides jumped on the chance to "swap" shifts. Got management approval, clocked in early, informed all concerned parties, and we each got to do our most favorite task today. Thanks, Jackie! :)

Most of my days have significantly less "drama" in them, and that's okay. I do love my job, and I'm happy to continue looking for all the other work that I'm trained and qualified to do. This temp gig will likely end when it's slated to (12 Sept), and I'll go back to that other end of the film industry world. I really hope that the bits and pieces that I get to witness while I'm out in my tours doesn't fall apart on me or make me unhappy to work tour shifts; I hope I continue to love the touring gig with my whole heart up until the moment I am not scheduled. I'm too old to be a flibertygibbet. Gotta know that I know what I know, and trust that it's all going to continue "working out" in my favor.

Speaking of "working out" - the weather's been too hot to be able to tell if the pool is being heated at all these days, even after having sent a
letter to the landlord with my rent check! Can't work out in the pool if the water's too cold, and lately, in the mornings, it's been feeling a bit on the "too cold" side.

So now everyone's caught up, including our newest guest reader from Singapore. Thanks for continuing to read my adventures, kids! Please bring friends. And wine-n-chocolate. ;)

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