Monday, May 2, 2016

I guess I wasn't exactly "clear"

The other day, I asked you to imagine that I am actually someone else in your life - child, spouse, parent, co-worker, boss, friend - who is not here. It was a pretty "out there" kind of post, and I must not have been clear in what I was asking you to respond to.

Maybe I do need you to revisit "It's a Wonderful Life" or "The Family Man". George Bailey wants to end his life, and he's shown by the angel, Clarence, what an impact that would have on all of the people who are important to him. Jack Campbell is given a "glimpse" of the life he would have had if he'd made a different decision after college. For Jack, it feels like a "do-over", except that he knows that the "other" life he's glimpsing exists only in an alternate reality, not the one he's currently actually living.

So maybe that is what I was asking you to do. Take stock of your current life. Note the individuals who are important in the life that you are currently living. I wasn't trying to put myself in an important position in your life; just saying imagine that the "I" in the question "What if I weren't here?" were actually one of the Important People in your current life. What if that Important Person in your current life either ceased to be a part of your life, or if it's easier to imagine it, never existed in your "picture"?

How would your life be different? How would You be living differently?

Here's the link for the other day's (possibly confusingly-worded) post.

Please do me a favor. Think about the Important Persons and then answer the questions. I'd really like to know what you'd do differently!


  1. Geez emelle. A guy makes one mistake and you have to post a whole blog about it! I'm telling!


    1. I had another friend post a response on FB, Lee. This wasn't about YOU. Geez, you're so vain! You probably think this song is about you.

    2. You have a facebook profile? How can I properly stalk you when you don't link all the places I can stalk you on your blog?

    3. Of Course I have a Facebook profile, and even a "fan" page, Lee! I'm not a complete Luddite! I'm hardly ever there much, anymore. Spend ZERO time on my fan page, and maybe a couple hours total per week in my newsfeed. Spend entirely too much time on Twitter (more due to issues with Twitter than with me just goofing off there), but I have no Instant-gramps, Smackchat, or Pinthisshit. Don't even get me started on LickedIn! HA!

    4. I have a facebook account, but only for reading all my comic book movie news in one spot. I have Instagram but I mostly only use that to follow Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley and I only post photo's rarely (like on vacation). I have pinterest, but that's just for me and things I like to read about. Good place for traveling info. I also have linkedin, but I never used it. Someone told me I should sign up with it years ago and I did...but I never go on it. No twitter or whatever chat you said. Slapchat?

    5. How are you supposed to stalk me on Facebook if I'm not in your comic book movie news?

      I'm sure there are tons new insta-shits being created daily that, as of this moment in time, I have no desire to figure out. I signed up for (Y)ello(w) and (wh)imzy when they both were in beta, and obvi, I don't "use" them either. Should probably deactivate both of those accounts, so they'll quit filling my inbox with spam "you're interested in this crap" mail.

    6. LOL yeah probably. All this social media BS is just aggravating. "oooo look at the picture I took at the bar last night *duckface*". "OMG UR SO BEUTIFUL!"

      Gag... The sad thing is, that is just only a slice of what kind of crap people post. One of the reasons I like Pinterest. It's just pictures, I pin stuff I like. Rarely does anyone post on any of my pictures I pin.

      Truthfully I wish I could just partially unplug from computers. Only use it to watch some youtube channels (disable the comments section of course) and use it for information.

    7. It is the world we live in. It's how we get work done; it's how we avoid doing work. It's how we connect and how we disconnect.

      I'm glad I don't have to parent in this world. Again, my hat's off to all the people who are managing THAT.


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