Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Welcome, Bahrain!

I see that you've visited my blog in the last 24-hour period ("Today"), but because I didn't notice you in the two-hour window when you were visiting, I can't see you on my map:
Yeah, I moved the names and numbers to the appropriate spots.
Where in the world is Bahrain?
The only reason I know where Belarus is, is because I happened to notice in the two-hour window when someone from there visited ("Now"). So anyway, please visit again, and bring friends, and maybe I'll see you in a darker green on the map!


In other news, last night, I made an enormous dinner salad, filled with all kinds of lusciousness. While eating, I bit the side of my tongue. That really hurt. Of course, it wasn't helped by the peppery and vinegar-y items that I'd included, like fresh garlic, horseradish, and jarred capers. Tasted great, but Did Not feel anything remotely like great.
as close as I could getcha (you're welcome)

last night, in the mirror
NOW, after peroxide rinse and sleep. no better.
I know you've bitten the tip of your tongue and the insides of your cheeks and probably your lip. Have you ever bitten the SIDE of your tongue? Hurts like a motha. Also, aren't these just The Best selfies? ;)


  1. I do believe these may be the best selfies I've ever seen - in.my.life.

    1. HEY! It's my long-lost best sister! Thanks for the laugh. I love that it was my selfies that compelled you to comment.

  2. That was more then I wanted to see of the inside of your mouth.

    1. I knew you'd like those, Lee! You're welcome!

  3. ;) Lee is "sensitive" to grammar correction, so I let those go. You may be a Nazi, but you're MY Nazi (and frankly, I am as well). Whadd'rya gonna do?


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