Saturday, May 21, 2016

Feeling the Feels

Take a look at this pic. Yeah, it's taken in the dark, by the light of the webcam, but if you read my last post, do you notice anything in particular?
Clean hair ... still need to dye the roots, tho. And cut it.
MAKEUP. Even though it is after midnight, don't I still look kinda pretty?
As I indicated, I was (or possibly still am) in the tail end of a MILD Depression. Tonight I was honored to attend a B'not Mitzvah (which is the plural of Bat Mitzvah, the coming-of-age ceremony for a Jewish GIRL). This was an ADULT Mitzvah, and the eleven women who were participating had spent the last two years of their lives together in a weekly class learning to read/chant/sing Hebrew, and what it means to be Jewish, and getting to know the Torah. Just FYI, they ranged in age from 23 (-ish?) to 85. MY friend is in her 60's.

I am not Jewish, but my Savior is a Jew, so I have more than a passing interest in tonight's activities. It was an incredibly long Sabbath service, but so moving. I got to Feel All the Feels. I reconnected with a couple of slightly-lost friends and made a bunch of new friends, and I am now mentally prepared for my milestone birthday in two weeks. ICYMI (or btw, if that "means" more to you), my birthday is in two weeks. June 3rd, to be exact. Be sure to celebrate in some way. Do something fun and think of me while you're doing it. That's Friday, the 3rd of June. Ya know, in two weeks.

... but I also might be committing a couple of years of my life to learning Hebrew ... in a year or so ... stay tuned. ;)

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