Saturday, May 21, 2016

What I learned today while gettin' my steps

Sometimes I walk around my neighborhood. Sometimes I walk laps around the high school track. Sometimes I walk laps in the local three-story mall. Sometimes I walk over to Costco for the walking, sampling lunch, and/or the shopping center down the street.

I've been sitting on the couch most of today, completely neglecting any "shoulds" I had on my list for the day. While farting around on Twitter, someone said something about some show they were binge-watching, and that inspired me to get back to my Doctor Who marathon. So I binge-watched a few episodes, and then I remembered my non-FitBit thingy would probably yell at me if I didn't get out and walk before dark.

So I figured I'd walk the mall, because if it got dark before I was done, I'd only be out in the darkness briefly, on my way home. But I took a different route than normal. I walked both floors of IKEA first.

Let me tell ya. If you hate the mall because of the overpriced retail environment, then stay out of it, just in general. If you hate the mall because of crowds and kids, then definitely stay out of it on a Saturday evening. If you hate crowds and kids as a matter of principal, then Stay Out of IKEA on a Saturday Evening. THAT place was PACKED! But I was able to log a coupla thousand steps there, so no worries. Also, there was a little Asian woman asleep on one of the couches in one of the living rooms they have set up. That was pretty funny.

The mall was pretty crowded, too. But I had room to get those steps in, so I just kept hoofin'. While I was hoofin', I saw my former Warner Bros. boss at one of those "watch your loose change spiral down the big drain" dealios with his kids, and we exchanged pleasant hellos. I asked him how things were over at the Bros., and he said "Busy. Getting ready for summer." so I asked whether I should come back, and his response was "put it [an application] in"... so when I got home right at dark, I went online to see if my old job was listed, And It Was. So I applied! I did a little networking, without even trying! And I followed up, IMMEDIATELY, without feeling any pressure of "should".

YAY! I had a pretty good day! ... despite clearing my throat ALL DAY. Stupid Allergies.

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