Thursday, May 26, 2016

Welcome, United Arab Emirates!

I DEFINITELY had to do a search through the blog to see how long it's been since I first welcomed you, and whaddyaknow? I NEVER have (before tonight)! That MUST mean that you've somehow stumbled across me only just today (or yesterday, as the case may be), For The First Time! Incredible!

So here's my personalized-in-the-moment but fairly standard Welcome:

Thank you for visiting my site. I dunno where you are on the map (because it's too late to see you all lit up in a dark green color), and I'm a lazy, stupid American who didn't learn geography (and, well, frankly, the Google map that Blogspot gives me is Pathetic, at Best), but I'm happy you've found me. I'm hopeful that you will discover something in the archives that holds your attention and you will decide to stick with me for however long I decide to tell my personal stories. I'm hoping that you will direct your friends to find something of interest, and I'm also hopeful you will decide to interact with me.

For EVERY reader out there, I am only a "stickler" for English grammar when it is clear that my reader is a NATIVE English speaker. If English is not your first language, or even in your repertoire at all, then we will only be able to communicate via Google Translate (or with your halting English). PLEASE do not let that stop you from interacting with me! I LOVE responding to comments; I LOVE hearing your opinions on what's going on in my life; I WILL reply!

So thank you for joining us today; please return; please bring friends next time; please take some time to peruse the archives; please comment.



  1. English is the worst language in the world. The end.


    1. I actually kinda agree, Lee. But most of my readers aren't native Spanish speakers, and that's the only other language I could even POSSIBLY attempt to blog in (& the first hundred posts would likely Suck Ass).



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