Monday, May 9, 2016

I'm trying to plan my birthday party. Also, Welcome BACK, Belarus!

I have been somewhat absent from Facebook, so I've fallen out of a lot of my local friends' newsfeeds, apparently. This is BAD NEWS when you're trying to decide how to celebrate a milestone birthday.

Two years ago, Stephen's milestone occurred, and his feelings were hurt that not enough of his friends or family really seemed to take notice. Maybe he'd fallen out of their newsfeeds because we don't really have any idea how the Facebook algorithms really work. Maybe he'd been lurking instead of posting. Maybe he hadn't been "liking, commenting, or sharing" enough for Facebook to remind enough of his friends about his big day. I dunno.

I'm trying to avoid having my feelings hurt, because I remember two years ago. I was willing to let this particular milestone go gently into that good night, but a greater part of me (stronger? more attention-seeking? I dunno) says, "ya know what? Fuck it. Age is just a number, and I'm blessed to get a new one every year. Let's blow this motha OUT!"

But I was informed this weekend, when I attended Davis and Stephanie's party at the 80's dance club and karaoke bar, that I am not a good party host. Now, this is not actually news to me, but I was grateful for the information. I'm also grateful that my other friends, Jenn and Dave, are good party hosts, and have indicated both interest and their generosity/hospitality to host a "Blow This Motha OUT" party for me.

We had talked about it being a karaoke party, in their fabulous backyard, with a dude who sets up a system so whoever wants to sing gets to. I posted on Facebook, looking for feedback. I got very little feedback, because, of course, I've fallen out of most folks' newsfeeds. But attending the 80's dance club and karaoke bar on Saturday night actually solidified more for me than just gratitude for someone else hosting. It solidified the fact that anyone who wants to sing or dance along with 80's music that's playing in a backyard can and will do so, and no one needs a mic or a dj, if we just blast a playlist through the sound system. And the 1980's is The. Best. Era. of music for a milestone birthday. Jus' sayin'.

So now, I just need to coordinate with my hosts and Stephen the construction of that playlist for the greatest convenience of playing it, and I need to make sure that my local friends get the evite, once that's built. So this blog post is sorta dual-purposed. First, if you don't already know me know me, it's to let you know that my birthday is June 3rd, and I expect you to celebrate in some way on that day, in my honor. I like to give plenty of notice for people, so you know why you feel like havin' a party up in the hizzy (or whatever the kids are saying). Second, if I have Facebook friends who "lurk" and manage to see my posts but not respond, I'm hoping they'll "like, comment, or share" either here or on Facebook, so I know that they have an interest in Blowing This Motha OUT.


Welcome BACK, Belarus. You're just in time to schedule your trip to Los Angeles. We'll be havin' a party on the 4th of June. In a backyard. With 80's music. And probably some 80's attire, if folks feel like dressing up. And potluck food/beverages. We're gonna Blow This Motha OUT. Wanna come?


  1. 80's music is just the BEST MUSIC EVER PERIOD!!!

    I'll reiterate what I have said in the past, Social Media is stupid. I don't think I've ever used it to invite or create a party. I either call people up or email them. Yeah, it's fine for keeping in touch with people you know who live far away from you, or people you don't really care about. But I hate when people use it as some form of communication to people who are close to you (and I'm not really talking to you in this case emelle, as I know you barely use it. I've just seen a lot of my nephews and nieces use it for crap like that). People abuse Facebook because it's convenient and I hate that because it's just turning humans into lazy bastards. See, when you phone someone up, they have to respond. But when you post it on a Facebook page, you can just say "oh...I didn't see the post, sorry" which is BS. It gives people an easy out for not going to something so that they don't have to put in any effort.

    Anyway, I'll stop ranting. Hopefully you have a great party and lots of people come and celebrate.

    1. Wow. I was not expecting that kind of response. How do you REALLY feel, Lee? ;)


      ...said no one about me ever. :D

    3. HA! But are you Very Very Opinionated? (see halfa1000miles' post re: "very very")

    4. Ok I looked over her site and I can't find a post called Very Very.

    5. I don't remember the post title but she talks about people who are "very very" whatever. It may be the foit fetish post or something else with "freak" in the title (?) ... I figured you'd already read through her site, in a sitting or two, like I did.

    6. No, I read a few. Most I liked. A couple were...well let's just say I refrained from posting because I was getting opinionated (not from her, but from some of her commenter's). How some people live in real life just floors me and makes me want to beat them with a very big stick. Anywho, I'll take a look. I'm not a binger, I like to take my time reading or watching stuff I like. So I didn't want to waste all of her posts in a few sittings cause they're quite entertaining. But yeah I'll try and find it.

    7. Wasn't it a similar situation that led you away from the Strangers? You might consider blogging, Lee. Then you'll be able to "control" the voicing of opposition, at least In One Place.

      I read quite a few blogs =>
      I don't always agree with the blogger; I definitely don't always agree with all of their fans. As you've probably realized, not everyone holds the same opinion of things as I do. When I read dissent, if it's here on MY blog, I respond as graciously as I can. If it's on someone else's "property" then I can choose to ignore it.

      We all have a good time, and if things begin to get ugly, the blogger is the one who sets the tone and the boundaries. Give it a try! You might like it! :)

    8. Only partially. I left Eli's blog not only because of the comments (which were getting WAY too facebook like), but because I thought his actual blogging was becoming a little too silly (sorry Eli if you're reading this). I know he's joking, but the ongoing jokes have just become very monotonous and overdone, especially when everyone keeps bringing it up all the time. I just got tired of it. So yeah. As far as 1000 goes, I don't agree with everything she writes (and her posts are mostly hilarious BTW), but that doesn't bother me, as everyone is different. Sure, she and I are opposite sides of a coin, but that’s what makes reading her blog interesting. Hell, you and I don't agree on stuff and I'm still here. So, yeah, there's more to me leaving a place then that. And I don't have time to blog much. I wouldn't even know what to write about. Most of my blogs would just be me complaining about stuff, and I don't want that to become my focus in life.

      Maybe someday, I dunno.

    9. UPDATE comment to your VERY first comment on this post, Lee: Facebook is able to show me who has seen the invite. Even at this late date, there are still (a LOT of) people in the list who HAVE NOT viewed the event invitation.

      Now, at less than a week out, I have 10 confirmed and 16 maybes... only 20 "can'ts" and still 175-ish un-RSVP'd invites. I don't expect my confirmed and maybe numbers to double by Saturday, but I do figure those numbers will likely creep up as we get closer. Folks in Hollyweird are generally non-committal to not be seen as "flakes". We never know what our schedules will look like a week out. It's Very Difficult to say YES to anything if something (like work) presents itself, or might present itself. So we wait to say "maybe" and then at the last minute, we change that "maybe" to whatever the real answer is.

  2. You are planning your birthday party of your own? Simply sounds great! I am very bad at planning parties. Thus, prefer hosting parties at local party venues. Recently hosted our 3rdwedding anniversary party at a Spanish food venue.

    1. I made the Facebook invitation for my friends, but no, I'm not really planning my party. It's now "planned" as an afternoon-into-evening-into-late-night (as guests arrive and linger) GATHERING in the backyard of the home of the real hosts. 80's music; bring a dish; no games, no cake (unless someone brings one), no AGENDA. Just a chance for people who don't get to see me much to HANG OUT in a laid-back venue. I've been to too many parties that take place in a restaurant setting, and unless you the guest arrive at the same time as the person you're celebrating, you sit too far away from that person to feel included. And you have to buy your own food and beverage, and there's a specific time limit.

      I don't want to let this birthday go unnoticed, but I really am not looking for a scheduled kind of event.


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