Friday, August 15, 2014

10 Questions

Another thing I'm "borrowing" from Kelly, mostly because I neglected to take many photos this week (except for continuity and BTS pics from the film set last week, and I don't have permission to share those at this point), this is another "let me think about my life, etc. and 'nutshell' it for you."  If you're interested in "nutshelling" your life and sharing it, please do so in my comments section here, or at least comment with a link to wherever it is you've done so.

1. If you were given an extra hour in the day for anything, how would you spend it? 
Right now, I'm not working in film production nearly enough to want an extra hour.  I'd probably sleep it away, unless it were right smack-dab in the middle of the day, so then I hope I'd do something outside.

2. How different are you now from the person you were five years ago?
Five years ago, Stephen and I were deciding to spend the rest of our lives together, after having been apart for twenty.  I'm not that different now from then, but then, I was very different from the girl I'd been when we dated in college.  Neither of us knew it at the time.  I'm more organized and domesticated, and it's made me into a bit of a nag.  I don't wish to be in my early twenties again ("young and stupid"), but I do regret a bit the loss of my carefree attitude.  I think I'll blame the ex-step-ex-wife.  Yeah.

3. What is the single best purchase you have ever made?
My motorcycle.  I would own another in a heartbeat, even in L.A.

4. What is your favorite animal?
Cats, duh.  They're independent but still need you to care for them.  They're vocal without being annoyingly loud.  They're affectionate and in-your-face without being "jumpy."  They make it "fur"-niture.  They can be toilet-trained.  They're like furry children who never make it past toddling.

5. Would you do things differently if you had a "do-over" for your career?
If I could have known earlier about union pension and health, I would have immediately spent the three years following the stand-in gig with Background Acting.  I'd have learned Script Supervision sooner, too.  I would not change the timing of my arrival in California - the life experiences that led me here were "necessary evils."

6. What is/are your personal mantra/affirmation/saying?
Life is uncertain.  If dessert is worth eating, it's worth eating first.
I read labels, and I eat "real" food.  That said, I don't "diet" to the point that I don't allow myself treats.  If there is a "treat" that would be considered "breaking" a "diet," and if that treat is made with real ingredients and/or made with love, I'm having it FIRST.

Everything is impossible until it isn't.

If it doesn't fit, use a bigger hammer.
No, not really.  We just used to say that in the theatre department in college.

7. If you could dine anywhere in the world, where would you dine?
I consider myself a "picky" eater, but I've found no restaurants where I could find nothing palatable on the menu.  That said, I don't have a particular restaurant or even ethnicity of food that I've been pining to try.  I'd like to travel more, and of course, eat.  But a specific place?  Not even a thought.

8. What is the one luxury you would allow yourself if you could?
Weekly spa treatments.  One-hour massages are the best, and I wouldn't mind someone else doing my mani-pedis once in awhile.

9. Flowers, chocolate, or some other thing for the rest of your life?
Flowers, I think.  I can (and do) buy all the chocolate I ever want or need to consume, but I never treat myself to flowers.  I'd like them potted, though, so they're not dead in a week.  Just in case you decide to start treating me to flowers for the rest of my life.

10. What four words would your BFF use to describe you?
Outgoing, friendly, organized, effective.  I think.  I hope.  I dunno - maybe even if you don't answer the ten questions for yourself, you'll answer #10 about me?  Based on your knowledge of me, what four words would you use to describe me?


  1. Based on my (limited) knowledge, I would say open, funny, confident, honest. Ha, but I don't really know you at all!! I found this interesting. I love answering questions like these!

    1. Cool - those are appropriate answers about ME. Where are your answers about YOU?


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