Friday, August 8, 2014

And the HITS keep on comin'!

No Foto Friday today - didn't take any pics this week!  (<gasp>)

But there's this:
Poland has been consistently lookin' at me once per day, roughly, over the past week or two.  I can count on my readers in North America and the UK and Australia to visit a few times per day, every day.  Those NINETEEN Turkey hits all happened at 6:00 a.m. today.  NINETEEN hits in one hour!  In a country where I know not a single soul!  TEN of Netherland's 20 hits happened today, and the other TEN happened yesterday, both times as "singularities," like Turkey's 19.

I love blogging. This shit is so fascinating to me.  Thank you, dear readers, for stickin' with me, and for coming back, and for bringing your friends.

We're havin' some fun now!!!!!!!


  1. Ha ha - I love this stuff too! I find it fascinating where people are reading my blog from!

    1. :)

      I like that they give me a map... my goal is to turn the whole damn thing green, eventually. We'll see.


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