Sunday, August 3, 2014

Best Movie Soundtrack EVER

Okay, well, I don't profess to ever really buy music.  Nor do I profess to having seen every movie ever made.  Honestly, we've been home one month exactly today, and we were given the opportunity to see a new release and catch up with an old friend today.


Oh, you want to know what else the movie has?  Okay, I'll tell you.  It almost has an F-bomb.  It may or may not almost have other swearing (I honestly can't remember, it was such a non-issue).  They started the film, and I was immediately swept into a beautiful, poignant, tragic, tear-jerking scene of life and loss, when BAM! the humour attacked me and would not allow a single salty drop to slide down my face.

I don't know who the target audience is.  THIS middle-aged (OMG, am I REALLY already "middle-aged"?) MWF who loves comic-book/superhero action movies but had no prior knowledge of the characters or potential storyline (other than what I'd read in Entertainment Weekly) had an absolutely amazing enjoyment of almost every moment.  The only distractions I experienced, personally, were

  1. the rest of the audience laughing too loudly, and
  2. ONE fight scene that felt "too close" and was difficult for me to follow.
This film "fits" into the same Marvel Universe that the rest of the Avengers do, but as yet, we're not given any connection.  So it acts like a "one-off."  That, I think, is what makes it so enjoyable.  It's an ensemble piece that just happens to have a clear leader.  All of the characters have very clear personalities and motivations.

It's so well written, and directed, and performed, and shot, and and, and ...  So far, it's my favorite film of the summer.  But the MUSIC!  I was both singing AND dancing in my seat.  BEST SOUNDTRACK EVER.

I don't know who won't love this movie.  See it, expecting to have fun, and I guarantee you will.  Well, unless you're just a mean grumpyface contrarion!  In that case, I make no guarantees!


  1. I've definitely been looking forward to seeing it. We just watched Captain America: Winter Soldier in 3D tonight and any time I see a Marvel Universe film, I'm antsy for the next one.

    1. We don't bother with 3D, but before this one came along, Winter Soldier was Stephen's favorite in the MU. I don't think I have a true fave, but the MUSIC for this one! Aw, MAN! :D


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