Thursday, August 21, 2014


I worked in the background of a tv show as an "Onlooker" to a burning building.  AT NIGHT.  I got home in time for four hours of sleep, and then went into a full weekend of work.

***** insert photo <HERE> once the episode has aired ***** ;)

THIS FRIDAY (tomorrow), I get to be a "Maid" in the background of something I've not heard of, so I'm assuming it's a feature... only my call time is 6:30.  IN THE MORNING.

I love my "job."  I love the transient nature of it.  I love how every set is exactly the same while being completely different.  I love that I've been booked as a maid (I've NEVER BEFORE been booked as a maid).  Can't wait 'til tomorrow, to go back to work.

Chances are great that there will be NO Foto Friday tomorrow.  Hope y'all can forgive me.


  1. You are forgiven in advance. Can't wait to hear all about your adventures. :-)

    1. Thankyoubellymush. I'll be back to report in soon as I can!


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