Friday, August 1, 2014

FoTo FriDay

200+ classic cars that we could WALK to see!

the interior of the previous

Even pick-em-up trucks!


Stephen with the Green Hornet car

An ACTUAL Burbank PD car, not just from "the movies"

A Hackney!

No, I'm not actually TOUCHING the pretty purple car!

My view from beneath, shortly upon completion

The chest in the living room collapsed on me last night

So we reinforced the legs from the INSIDE

& got rid of those pathetic nails that had been "holding" them!


Cocoa, in sunlight, is NOT a black cat - she's BROWN!


  1. My guess is on the ground eye level swimming pool - I see a pool ladder, textured concrete stuff and a pink bathing cap. Did I win?

  2. BATHING CAP? crazy. That's a towel. Sure, you win. :)


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