Monday, August 18, 2014

What to do THIS week?

Finished up a pretty busy weekend of work, and just got back from a couple-mile walk with Stephen this evening.  In NC, if we wanted to go to Lowe's, we had to drive 40 minutes or so.  If we wanted to go to Best Buy, same deal.  Costco and Trader Joe's, ditto.  Today, while Stephen was at work, I drove a few miles to restock the kitchen at my local TJ's and Costco.  This evening, we walked to Best Buy and Lowe's (and walked by the Costco I'd shopped at earlier today).


So we did.  And it was a nice walk.  We looked at movies and chest freezers and stuff.  We talked about whether we should get cable, satellite, or internet first.  I haven't missed having "television" here, but the new season of Doctor Who starts back up this Saturday, and it's going to be tough to avoid spoilers.

We're generating money of late.  I got a phone call today from another friend who may very well hire me to help her out on a production this week.  Stephen's got a job, y'all.  I'm still available for Background work, and I made quite a few production connections this weekend.  But we still have to choose whether to pay for our own internets (rather than wardrive like we've been doing) or pay for cable/satellite t.v.

#FirstWorldProblems, I know.  I'm sure that we'll have both options within a year of living in BURBANK, but for now, do we spend a little more sooner to avoid spoilers, or do we spend a little less sooner and open our not-limited-to-television entertainment options?

What a quandary.  Boo Hoo, right? ;)

I know what I'm gonna do right now, though.  I'm gonna eat popcorn and watch Superman.  Yay!


  1. I would say end the wardriving. Or pay for tv. I don't know. We haven't had tv for a long while now and life is fantastic. You have all of those walks to take and stuff. Yeah. Buy you some internet. Let peace reign.

    1. You. Are. Funny. Thanks for making me laugh before I've even had coffee!

      Does buying internets now allow us to watch Doctor Who this weekend? We don't think so, and therein lies the quandary.


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