Friday, August 29, 2014

Photo Phriday!

It would appear that my blogging this week has been mostly negative.  While I give myself permission to be "negative" on my own blog, because, hey, it's MINE, I don't wish to be negative in life.  So I've also tried to take some pics lately.  Here they are.  I hope you "read" them as positive.  Happy Friday!
Mutton-chopped Hippie, Stephen

The Aftermath

My foot next to The Aftermath, for perspective

Clean Up, Clean Up, (Stephen does the) Clean Up!

Those last little bits

And of course, the vacuum!


Me, on set, in "holding"... never "maid" it on camera!

The "posh hotel guests" in a better-lit holding area

Smokey likes to pull it away from the wall to make more splash


Reassembly of the laptop, for the second time

Innards, sorted and accounted for

The inner lid, from the underside

Power button ribbon cable properly seated THIS TIME

Seating the keyboard ribbon cable

Back cover replaced and all the hardware elements reinstalled


Rut-Roh.  Where do YOU go?

Ah, yes... THAT'S where.

Dust bunnies and stickies and broken bits, OH MY!

The FIRST time I reassembled, I pushed the wrong screw
through and made a "bubble" on the other side of the cover.


  1. And now it's on your blog, too! Love the haircut. The maid uniform suits you but you look too damn perky and feisty to be any maid I've ever met!

    1. You mean Stephen's haircut, right? I agree. I really like the mutton chops, but he never quite got the hang of having long hair. This is the first cut he's allowed me to use the trimmers for, rather than scissors. Progress! :)

      I was pretty excited to play a maid - I hope they do decide to call me back. The show's set in Miami, so I figured they cast me because I'm blonde and tan (and the LEAD is a "Cuban" waitress, so by hiring ME they fill their "diversity" quota! HA!)

  2. wow, just wow! emelle, that is an amazing haircut. stephen you look sooo good.. emelle you are very talented... you should open a barber shop. have a groovy labor day.

    1. You're funny, Ruth. I've been cutting my own hair for a few years now, and Stephen's usually just with scissors - this was the first time he asked for the trimmers. Won't be opening a barber shop, but I'm willing to cut the hair of anyone who wants it!

      Enjoy your weekend. :)

  3. Ha ha! Love those phirst photos of Stephen's hair cut! Great pic of you as a maid too ;) you are so clever to get the computer working! I would be lost!

    1. Thank you, thank you, and thank you... not cleverness, per se. Daddy steered me to search for help online; I found a very long youtube video which walked me through the disassembly and reassembly so I could get my cooling fan to run properly... but I didn't exactly "follow" the steps the dude did in the video, what with the labels and the alcohol swabs and the other whatnot, and it just got darker and darker here before I'd gotten it put completely back together, so it wouldn't reboot that night. Had to take it apart again the next day, when I could see the parts to label them.


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