Saturday, December 13, 2014

Blessings and Curses? Pros and Cons? Ups and Downs? Yeah.

Trashy "Ho" and
Ms. Money-Makah
Today (well, tonight, but I had to be ready by earlier today) at the dance studio, we had a themed dance party. We've been in a block of "Politically Incorrect" so the theme tonight was "Pimps and Ho's"... TOTAL fun to dress up, make-up, "trash" it up, AND to be seen in public looking that way, AND to see the students getting into the spirit, too (especially the older ladies you'd never suspect of owning fishnet stockings or bustiers!). (Blessing)

Hey, just park that tailgate anywhere.
My front quarter-panel's a good spot!
Before I got there, though (like, within FIVE MINUTES of when I would have walked in the door), my little Honda Civic, sitting at zero mph in the parking lot, patiently waiting for the space to be vacated by the enormous Ford pick-em-up truck, was subsequently backed into and run over by said truck. (Curses!)

Nothin' goin' on in here - just shut
that lid back, and walk away.
You MIGHT have to slam it.
The man and his wife who hit me realized without any guidance from me that they (he) were/was entirely at fault, and handed over every last bit of information I would need to file an insurance claim to take care of what looks like "cosmetic damage". (Pro)

I walked into work "late" and didn't get to do anything about filing the claim until my lunch break, when all of the folks who work in the "real world" have already gone home on a Friday. (Con)

Got complimented big time on my "look" (which was "Ho, Ho, Ho, Mo-Fo") and I did get to dance a little, even in my impossible-to-dance-in pleather, thigh-high, stiletto-heeled boots... and I worked unassisted through most of the day, taking care of things that I know how to handle. (UP!)

By the time I was able to leave work/the party, my camera battery had died, my cell phone battery had died, and I had to drive around the entire mall to get to the one working exit (which just happened to have been the exit closest to where I was parked). I had no way to call on my claim if there were anything mechanically wrong with my car. I had no way to let Stephen know I was on my way home. I needed to get gas, but our cheap gas station locks their pumps after a certain (unknown) hour. And if I had to speak to a real person to deal with any of these issues, I looked like a tired, cheap hooker. (Downer!)

Ho, Ho, Ho, Mo-Fo! Yes, those fishnets are neon green,
Yes, I'm wearing such ENORMOUS false eyelashes that my glasses lived halfway down my nose ALL DAY.

So what have we learned, kids? Ya take the good with the bad, and ya live your freakin' life. What else ya gonna do?

Yes, I realize that it's already tomorrow already. So Sue Me. I'm one tired, cheap-hooker-lookin' gal. See y'all tomorrow (or later).


  1. The pink bra strap is doing something for me... Not sure what. You-know-who says to pack the boots up and send them to SC. Quote "You won't need to walk in them." Sorry about the fender. I couldn't manage my big-ass Ford pick'em up truck in LA spaces.

    1. I debated the no-bra-vs.-pink-bra option, and you see how that played out. The boots were bought a few years ago through Vic's Secret online, for, um... reasons.
      The fender is what it is.

      All of yesterday's stress has just piled up on me today. I am TIRED!

  2. wow, what a life. seems your days are always full of surprises good and not so good but ALWAYS very interesting..still say you need to write a column . years ago when our winston- salem journal had a lot of great writers you would have been amazing.. to bad those days are gone..have a groovy weekend.

    1. ***I had originally posted the following comment @ 5:48 p.m. this evening, but just now, I discovered that I'd misspelled "too" - I must be really tired! - so I had to correct it NOW. Think "5:48" when reading it. ;)

      This here's my "column," Ruth. I'd hate to have to write about someone else's ideas. YOU have a groovy weekend - mine's already too busy to be groovy! ;)

      Gotta get our butts out the door right now for the first Holiday Party of the weekend! :)


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