Wednesday, December 3, 2014

STILL employed at the restaurant,

which is not a bad thing. Had a somewhat confused text convo with the manager this morning, trying to get my "last" paycheck to me. It was too early to deal with, and I think he was ultimately only concerned with me getting my "most recent" paycheck, which I did, in person, yesterday. Spoke with the hiring manager and cleared it all up: I'm not on the schedule for any shifts because I'm not available BOTH Saturday and Sunday; I didn't quit, and she didn't fire or "let me go"; if anyone needs a Sunday or Monday "covered" they can still call me, and if I'm available to work, I can work. I'll end up getting my "last" paycheck when it comes out in two weeks, and no one's likely to ask me to pick up a shift, since I have none to swap, and I'll slowly but surely get deleted from the system. No worries.

In the meantime, my schedule at the dance studio allows me to do things like get gas and go to the bank or shop in the mornings, and not have to rush off to accomplish those errands while enroute to work.

And so far, they love me at the dance studio. I can't believe that I've already made "executive" decisions about how to run my desk, and the folks that those decisions affect are cool with those decisions.

So YAY. #100happydays, #dance, #LA, #dowhatyoulove, and #lovewhatyoudo.
here's what I look like today, watching Stephen pet Cocoa (so she won't claw at me & tear my outfit)

Have a fabulous Wednesday!


  1. You have the whitest teeth! I am glad you have been able to make decisions already - it always takes me forever to get to that point!

    1. I'm the only one in my family blessed with straight, white teeth. No idea how far back that (obviously) recessive gene traveled from!

      When they hired me, there was concern that I wouldn't be able to "keep up" with the fast pace... I'm already at the point where I'm looking for SOMETHING to keep me occupied! I must be Damn. Good. at my job. ;)


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