Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Christmas! (part one, maybe?)

We decided to wait until today to do our "fill the stockings" shopping, as has been our personal, family "tradition". Normally, we head over to the 99-cent store and fill a basket with cheap crap (mostly candies, frankly), and then come home and fill the stockings with those purchases.

THIS YEAR, though, we knew that we were ready to own a chest freezer again, so we walked over to Lowe's to see if we couldn't get one on order for delivery later this week (or early next week). The economy appears to be improving, since there were three others "in line" before us, and when we got around to being helped, it looked like ordering it online is going to be a better option, so we left and did our "stocking-stuffer" shopping at Best Buy instead.  Picked up a couple of Blu-Rays for Stephen's stocking, since my stocking's actually already nearly full from the little tidbit gifts I've received from some of the students at the dance studio.  Stood in line for ONLY 16 minutes at Best Buy before we were completely checked out, and there were plenty of people in line with us. It would definitely  appear that the economy is improving!

Got home and decided to hit Trader Joe's before they close at 6 (every retail whatnot is open until 6 today), and discovered plenty of other folks out there doing the same.  In our travels today, it occurred to me that I haven't even checked our accounts to see HOW MUCH Stephen's employer deposited directly into our account. If I'm not the least bit concerned about how much money is in our account, then Clearly. The. Economy. Must. Be. Improving.

Home from all our shopping to discover the first of our (my) SAG screeners in the mail. SCORE!
Screener #1 has arrived!
Happy Christmas, everyone!


  1. I like this post so much. If you were to enter the following symbols within Facebook (y) it would actually create a thumbs up. Oh, well. Merry Christmas, y'all. Love you bunches. :-)

    1. dan iguhareuhgauehrfp... I had replied to your comment, a pretty cute and clever comment, but I had put "things" in brackets (less than, greater than) and my cute and clever comment didn't post I thought I was copying before I deleted so I could paste and correct the "in the brackets" bit... but at work I'm on a MAC, which uses "command" rather than "control" to copy... the button is located next to my space bar, so on YOUR comment reply, I actually hit "alt-c" instead of "ctrl-c"... which means, no cute and clever response. Damn you, Apple Products!

      In other news, here's the gist of my reply to you:
      (y) to your (y) and a big thank you for your (y)

      ... or something. Love you back. Hope your move and "things" have settled. :)

    2. Fortunately, my Feedly reader gave me a beginning of your missing post - was it something like this, perhaps?

      I (y) that you (y) this post! Thank you for (y)'ing this post (so much)!

      Merry Christmas back atcha, to you and to Brian. I hope your move and other have settled. Love you too! :)

      (yay -(y))

    3. Why, yes, in fact I think that may have been it... "I hope your move and other have settled." When I hit "publish" on THIS one, does it keep the word "things" in brackets between "other" and "have"? I'm betting *no*.

    4. You are correct. The answer is "no".

  2. Hurrah for the economy improving :) We want a chest freezer, but we don't have the room right now..maybe one day though!

    1. The smallest ones on the market (5 cu ft is what we got) hold quite a bit and take up a surprisingly small amount of floorspace! You should definitely get one!


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