Tuesday, December 23, 2014

VIDEO blog(s)! ... maybe... if they ever ACTUALLY load!

Video #1 = my boss' little Shih Tsu puppy AT WORK. He's a cute little fella, who likes to sit in my lap and lick/chew my fingers. He only starts fussing at me if I won't let him lick my face (or if I really need my hands for writing/computing and won't let him lick/chew my fingers). The man who dances away with him at the end has made it his mission to ALWAYS be holding the dog(s) of any of us who happen to have dogs in his presence. He certainly was ALWAYS holding all present dogs at the company Christmas party!

Video #2 = my arrival home this evening, AND it's too big of a file, at 131MB! I came home, grabbed the last box of Triscuits, the Salmon & caper dip I'd bought for the Student/Teacher Bonus Day the day before, a few(-ish) caperberries, and sat down to consume them and go online. Smokey hollered at me for a good long time, and so I was shooting him hollering at me, and headbutting me, and generally forcing me to "settle down and pet me, already"! I got it on camera, but I don't know how to compress it. I would LOVE to be able to use the webcam in this computer for "vlogging" but it just doesn't save those video files anywhere. I've looked. The whole process seems to work, and then... nothin'.

Video #3 = "the aftermath".

Comments? Insights? Input of any kind? Please?


  1. Replies
    1. I didn't expect to see the dog again until sometime next year, but the boss brought him back in today. I'm a "cat person" through and through, but that little Brody just kills me with his cuteness. And at 6 months, he's a very well-behaved puppy. Completely adorable.

  2. What a little beauty! No help with the vlog thing here I'm afraid :( still figuring it out for myself!

    1. Yes, he is. And yes, I wish I could figure that one out!


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