Sunday, December 7, 2014

Last night was great!

... as a follow-up to yesterday's post (which didn't actually post until after midnight, today, so these'll have the same date on 'em, oh well), and because Stephen asked.

Worked late, taking care of those little things that I hadn't quite gotten to on Friday, and which I thought I'd get scolded by the boss for having put off... no scolding. Obviously, she realizes that I need to be trained before just being "left to my own devices", and since things needed to be completed before today, when the studio is closed, it was up to the two of us to complete those things.  Once we were wrapped up, she said, "Wow. 1st week and I've already got you working overtime." :)

As I was leaving, I asked about my "in" time, and she let me know to be there half-an-hour before we open, rather than fifteen minutes, which means she'll be letting me check the voicemails and do all that other "opening" crap that I'm sure she knows I already know how to do. It's good.

So I got in late last night, and blogged about the previous day/night, without making it clear how I felt about the day I'd just completed. (Good, btw, since you ask). But you know, I was tired. I went to bed right after blogging, and I did NOT get up until ... ELEVEN ... o'clock ... This. Morning. Just. Heaven. Cocoa joined me at some point but did not bug me to rub her belly, and I slept through the night. Just. Heaven.

mmm, caperberries
Stephen was at work... I picked him up at one, because we also needed cat food, and we buy the really big bags that would be too much for him to carry home on a 1.7 mile walk. So we also went out to Big Lots to see what they're offering in the way of Christmas trees... and ended up buying some junk we don't really need, but we also rediscovered our "secret stash" of CAPERBERRIES. Big Lots has the occasional hoard of them, and we think we could be the only folks who ever buy them from them, but we'll have the tendency to wipe them out (only four jars this trip). If you've never had caperberries, you Do. Not. Know. What. You. Are. Missing. If you end up wiping out the secret stash from my local Big Lots, I will have to hunt you down. Not kidding. :)

We also picked up a replacement bulb for my burned-out headlamp, and Stephen almost got into fisticuffs with an old curmudgeon who accused him of jumping the line. We were in the line and the old dude was not, but whatevs. Old people have lived long enough to have the "right of way", whether they're nice about it or rude. I won't apologize for them, but I also don't want to be arrested for having to beat them up in the parking lot for being rude! You can tell me if I'm wrong in my thinking. Once we got home and had eaten lunch, Stephen installed the new bulb without any help from me. I think maybe he was just hungry while we were in line and the old dude flipped his "hangry" switch. That's the story I'm tellin' and I ain't changin' nothin' - I jus' needed you to know, Ya Honor.

So Stephen gets to go back to work tonight for a store meeting, and I get to cover a shift at the restaurant tomorrow! Woo Hoo! Aren't we the lucky ones?


  1. Glad after the last one to read this is sad when people don't know about doctor who :( a good nights sleep mends most things x

    1. I'll be making my own Tardis dress if I need one in the future - I returned the expensive-but-cheaply-made one this week.

      Good Night's Sleep = Bliss.


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