Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I think I MIGHT be "winding down"

Here it is, December 2nd, and this month is likely going to race by me, and I don't know that I have much to say anymore. Hopefully, that's only how I happen to be feeling today, and tomorrow, I'll come back to post a thousand deep thoughts, finding a whole new readership and purpose to blogging.

At any rate. It's raining. Southern California NEEDS the rain, but it just looks and feels too much like North Carolina, so I took 750 mg of Vitamin D to boost my spirits, and I've completed my portion of the stupid "choose your healthcare provider" forms, and I've written my "Thank You" card to the staff at the restaurant, and now I just need to get ready to head out in the weather to pick up my restaurant paycheck (possibly my last? since I'm not on the schedule - will they have combined my pay periods?) and then jump into administration at the dance studio.

I know that being at the new job will brighten my spirits. It's just that, right now, in the gloom of the kitchen, I've got no motivation for anything (including the things I've actually already accomplished).

So if my definition of "success" is "accomplishing something", then how does today fit? How's your day/week/December looking?


  1. Well, we've signed a lease, moved some stuff to the storage unit we've rented and have all sorts of appointments to keep. It's a bit overwhelming, actually. I just want to sleep and get rid of this headache and nausea.

    1. I hear ya. I picked up my next-to-last paycheck at the restaurant and dropped off my Thank You card yesterday, only to be awakened this morning by a text msg saying "sorry to text so early, but do you want me to mail your final paycheck or come pick it up?" so I'm up but not yet awake, trying to process a non-lashing-out response.

      Glad you've got a new place. I know you'll get it all done in plenty of time. Sleep, rest, relax, calm, soak in a warm lavender bath with candles and soothing music. Know that I'm "here" for you.

  2. I give myself three things a day accomplish and if a task is too big I break it right down. I miss the sun :(

    1. Is Canada less sunny in winter than England?

      We had some stormage come thru here, but the sun is shining TODAY, and at 10:33 this morning I'm already fully "sparkled" in makeup and gown for our "Sparkle Party" tonight at 8:30 at the dance studio! What a bizarre ... "getting ready for work" ... pattern I'm forming!


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