Monday, December 15, 2014

Oh, Kay. That's just WEIRD.

One of THESE searches brought someone to my blog:

I know that I have never heard of this particular product. I know that I don't know what its primary usage is. I know that I may have, once or twice in the last year, mentioned one or more of the "other", non-medical words that are also included in these searches (like "cough" or "depression" or "confusion" or "depression"), MAYBE.

But THAT search brought someone to my blog?

Oh, Kay. That's just WEIRD. What weird searches have brought someone to YOUR page?

Have a great Monday, my friends. We will be attending our third Holiday Party in as many days. Unless I'm told that the dress code is more "formal", I shall wear the same outfit I've worn to the first two (I've decided it will be my new personal tradition. Each year of Holiday Parties will designate a "uniform" that I will wear, Good Lord willin' and the crick don't rise... or so long as it fits the "dress code" of every party). Wish me luck!

yes, pictures to follow.

What have been the themes of the parties you've attended so far this year? What have you worn, and were you appropriately attired for the room(s)? Have you HOSTED any parties, and if so, did you prefer hosting to simply attending, or vice-versa?

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