Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mommy.

I made another webcam video. It saved itself in my Google+ Picasa Web Album, and then I had to "download" it into my hard drive so I could "upload" it here. I don't think it worked. Still.
 See? Nothin'. :/

I don't understand why it's so difficult to "vlog" here. Blogger gives me multiple options for choosing a video to post, including "from your webcam". It looks like the thing is recording. As soon as I hit "stop" and then "select" it goes away (to the Picasa Web Album, apparently), never to be posted.

HELP, please!

This was me, this morning, recording my "Happy Birthday, Mommy" video. All we get is the STILL!

Just tried again, in a "new" post, and saw that it will allow me to shoot FIFTEEN minutes of video! That means that it's not the size of the file that's the problem here... Shot less than a minute, and rather than "select" to post, I hit "play"... and got THIS message:
Network down.

"Sorry, but we are unable to connect to Google servers. The servers may be down for maintenance, or the connection may be blocked by a firewall. Please try again later." (I tried again multiple times. I'm connected to my internets but can't save my video anywhere?)



  1. Alas, I am the anti-geek. The black hole of all things techie. I'm barely on speaking terms with the invisible gnomes and minions. I can only send good virtual vibes and hope you figure something out, for all of us!

    1. Well, thanks for your support, at least. What I REALLY don't get is that of all my (thousands? okay - hundred) readers, no one has stepped up to help me solve this damn little quirk!

      Not even the HP site has been helpful (granted, I'm not the best "searcher" of the geek tribe)!

      But you KNOW that On. The. Day. that I gain whatever enlightenment Google and Blogger and HP deign to assign me, I. Will. Vlog. About. It. :D

  2. I know nothing about photos and videos - that's my main problem. Plus I haven't been on much lately because work is overwhelming. I would try to help but I just can't right now. Maybe when I get some down time I can focus on your vexing issue. Love you anyway. :-)

    1. Thanks for chiming in, though! An overwhelming work schedule is, to me, the best reason for being offline. My schedule this week has in fact ALSO been overwhelming, and I totally dig it.

      I honestly can't wait until someone out there finds a solution to my techie issue here. In the meantime, I will just keep blogging. Happy New Year to ya, my sis!


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