Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Christmas! (part two)

Stephen bought the cats some new catnip toys (since they nearly destroyed the previous):

bracelets from Deb
Mimosa from LyVette
earrings from Kimberly
eyeliner from Stephen
And then we opened the few gifts we had (yes, I know that yesterday, I said that the economy is improving, but that doesn't mean that our economy had improved in time to buy gifts)... mostly from the students at the dance studio!
remove all the fun stuff and PREP!

... and I took care of a thing I'd been planning to do:

we start in sections, and since I'm right-handed...

be sure to look in the mirror, so you can see that both
sides and back are nearly done

I'm saving up for my own "Build a Brindle Dog"

Now to "brighten, and it'll be complete!

And now that THAT's done, I can finish off my LyVette-gifted mimosas and move on to the Debbie-gifted sparkling and the Hattie-gifted handmade snackage!


  1. Wowee, how freeing it is to get rid of your hair like that! I had my hair all off once and I loved it, but I now feel my hair is the one part of me that (once dyed) doesn't betray my age/weight gain!

    1. Funny, aging is what has allowed me to just cut it all off when I feel like it. Because what do I care what anyone else cares? I mean, really. I do like to keep it blonder, though. For me, ya know? 'Cuz that's how I like it!


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