Saturday, December 20, 2014

Friday Night "Sparkle" Party at Arthur Murray!

 Can someone PLEASE figure out how to make my web (video)cam work, so I can include a little "talking" to you on nights like these, instead of limiting myself to one "now" photo? Let me know in the comments, 'k?
This is one TIRED puppy... but I wanted you to see the effort I put into "glamming" it up. Obvi (I guess), I wore lipstick. But the nails and the eye makeup and the jewelry is Just. Too. Much.
I DID get to dance a hustle to "Last Dance" (which was not, by the way, the "last" dance, even tho we all thought it was.)


  1. You look great! I read this just yesterday - If the eyeliner fits...

    1. Excellent article - it made me laugh AND want to get back into the Pinterest swing of things. She's a funny writer. Thanks for steering emelle in that direction, else I may have never come across it. :-)

    2. I had to stop reading shortly after the scotch-tape for eyeliner trick, for reasons. 1. wtf? 2. I don't "pin" 3. I have to get ready for our "Red" Party this afternoon, and I'm running late!

  2. Replies
    1. I used to love to glam it up - ONCE IN A WHILE, at my own discretion. This is EVERY Friday and Saturday, including a dress or skirt, "blingy" jewelry, and full-on over-the-top eye makeup.

      My skin and eyes do NOT want me to wear makeup every day. It absorbs right in, making me look worse, or it irritates my skin/vision, or both. I gotta figure out exactly how much makeup is "enough" on the other three days a week I'm at work. Apparently, makeup is included in my job description. :/


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