Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Final Florida Post (this trip, at least)

We've been rising earlier, these last few days. Today was no exception; I expect tomorrow will match, as well.

Had breakfast, had coffee, checked internets, and then I had to remind Daddy to watch a little Bob Mann (because he was raring to head out the door before 10!)... so we watched a little Bob Mann, and then we headed to the driving range. Took maybe half of the balls we'd scored yesterday, got to the area from which to hit (they'd lowered us to the third tier, which meant "climbing" two hills when finished), and found a handful of balls left behind again. I lined up 16 balls with no expectations; just lined 'em up. Daddy stretched, set his grip, and went to work. With one or two "sit" breaks, he hit all 16 balls with the iron, 11 of which were "happy"! Switched clubs to the driver; did a couple of seated stretches with it, and hit five HAPPY balls off the tee. So 16/21 balls hit were happy, after a day with no activity at all, and two tiers down from where he'd hit 20/23 two days prior. #NotBadAtAll

As we were leaving the range, he said "pool"... but then he also said "now I have a headache". But he didn't have a backache, and he hadn't used the heating pad before we went, and he'd had to walk a greater distance, and he wasn't particularly winded (except a little from the two "hills"). So we went home and he took some ibuprofen and sat down for a moment. If he went online at all, it wasn't for very long. He went into his bedroom, and when he came back out, he was dressed for the pool! Before 11 a.m.! So, I went upstairs to change, and we headed right back out.

Now, you have to remember that even though it is Florida, and the forecast was calling for sunny and 97º, and the "current" temp at the time was at least 87º, the sun is not yet high in the sky before noon, so when we reached the pool, we discovered to our dismay that the water was pretty damn cold. But we're a coupla tough guys, right? We braved it! We got in that sucker and swam around for something like half an hour, and Daddy did say, at one point, that the water still felt good on his muscles. He indicated when he was done, so I got out for a last round of sunning. After :30 of tanning my belly and back, I was thinking I might go for Round Two, but that water was still too cold. #NopesieNopesterNopes

So I walked home. Got some steps in, but probably not nearly enough to meet a challenge, not that I had bothered to accept one for today. Won't be accepting one for tomorrow, either. Too bad, non-Fitbit thingy! Once inside, I verified that Daddy had put a little alcohol in his ears to remove any water. Also, he reminded me that we needed to check the water levels in the batteries of his golf cart, so we topped 'em all off, and then went for a short joyride (okay, yes, to Publix) before plugging the darn thing in to charge those freshly-filled batteries.

I had Second Breakfast when I got in, even though it was officially lunchtime. I dunno why, but stove-fried hashbrown patties with melted cheddar were #DaBomb today. Once we were officially "in" from all our "outings" (we'd been very active very early, for us), Daddy fired up the binge machine. A Good Man Goes to War and Let's Kill Hitler were quite a lot of plot for one sitting, so after that, we each did some internetting, and before long, it was time to eat one last "good" meal. So I nuked our individual Marie Callendar's frozen dinners, and Daddy tuned in to YouTube, where we watched back-to-back standup clips from this one humourist who goes on speaking tours rather than "working" nightclubs. Her bits were very clean, and very funny. We finished our dinners, and I served up our key lime pie. #NoNapForDaddyToday

And then it was suddenly after 7 p.m., and we had briefly discussed "how" to binge Doctor Who with the whole country between us. I'm just going to have to call him daily, around 3 p.m. or later, to see what he's done activity-wise in the morning, and how many/which episodes he'd be watching later, so I could make a plan to watch those same episodes, so we could talk about them at the next check-in. Okay, well, we didn't actually discuss all that... but that's going to have to become a rough outline of the "plan" to continue bingeing. We watched Night Terrors, and then Daddy took his meds and went to bed. Good episode to go to bed with! #NotSoMuch

And that's pretty much it. I've mapped my route back to the airport, so I have a rough idea of what time to leave here. We'll be able, barring any unforeseen nastiness, to have one more morning together on the driving range. I still have to pack my bags and bathe and prep either lunch or my travel food (depending on if we eat it at lunchtime), TONIGHT. In the morning, I'll empty the dishwasher, eat breakfast, and set my jeans and long sleeves to jump into last thing. It's all worked out, and even though I have so much to go home to (Stephen, furbabies, industry, et al), I am melancholy tonight. This has been a very worthwhile trip, and like David Tennant at the end of his season of "specials", I'm not ready to change it.

I think Daddy got a little melancholy tonight, too. This is hard, y'all.

Oh, in case you haven't yet had a chance, please visit the Fragile Storm website and view everything that you can, FOR FREE, and then share the website in your own social media and other circles. This is the beautiful film I was honored to work on, and we need it to go viral. It's won awards in about a bazillion festivals, and it's important. Thanks.


  1. Ugh - I remember that David Tennant moment:( I know how it feels to say goodbye to family. I hope it's not too sad. And you have some brilliant memories to take home!

    1. Oh, I was a hot mess, leaving him. It was a worthwhile trip, though, and I'm glad to have made it.

  2. You are a good daughter emelle. I know you enjoyed your time. Hope you had a great trip back. I'm sure Stephen and the furbabies are excited to have you back.

    1. Yes to all of that. Thanks. (Sorry if I'm too succinct; I've been up since 6, eastern time, and I'm not home yet!)


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